Social Media for Business in 2016 Workshop

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Right now I’m working on the final editing of our ‘Social Media for Business in 2016’ workshop.  We started delivering this workshop back in 2014 and the tech World doesn’t slow down, so there are tons of useful things in our updated version.
Because we like to practice what we preach we’re going to share all this knowledge with you electronically this year too.  So you’ll be able to watch, read and listen to it when it suits you!
But of course it’s great to meet face to face.  So if you are interested in attending a physical workshop please fill in the form and we’ll find a date and a venue and send you over an invite as soon as we do.
If you know someone else who’d benefit from free social media knowledge I’d love it if you would share this page with them, or share it on your social media.
See you soon,
Mark Robertson
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