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Is your website ready for digital marketing?

Having a great website is, well, great.  But is a great website really great if no one visits it?  Reminds me of this…
If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a noise?
Ok enough of that, I’m sure you get the idea.  Businesses often obsess over small details on their sites. Using up time and budget that could be better utilised building visitors.  This is where digital marketing comes in.  Let’s not get in to detail on what forms online marketing takes here.  We explain that in more detail in this article.  

For now though let’s get straight to the nitty gritty, which is…

While digital marketing will take time, money and planning, the rewards for implementing it correctly are vast.  How about some proof, Social Media Today claim businesses who blog receive 126% more leads.  While the value of organic traffic varies greatly between businesses, being on the first page of the search engines for the specific terms that your target audience will search for is of course hugely valuable.  The first page of results from a Google search for example, get 91.5% of the traffic.
So we have established that marketing your website online is a good idea and you can learn more about how that works here.  But for now before you excitedly go get started, there are few things to check to make sure you maximise your return and get the most from your online marketing efforts.
  1.  Analytics – Check you have at least basic analytics in place.  You can do this yourself for free, this is vital for measuring and monitoring what is happening.
  2. Responsive – Check your site is responsive, that is resizes to suit the device it is being viewed on.  That will ensure visitors on mobile phones and tablets will still be able to see and navigate round your content.
  3. Secure – Check your sites software and plug ins are up to date.  Also well worth considering adding HTTPS security.
  4. Meta Descriptions – Make sure all your pages have them and then make sure they are relevant.
  5. Speed – Check your site loads quickly.  Really important for great results.
  6. Ready to collect emails – Make sure there is an opportunity for visitors to stay in touch with you buy giving you their email address.
These are the basics that are really important before you commit time and energy to attracting visitors.  Getting this stuff in place will give you a great platform to work from.  As your marketing progresses you can revisit and tune up.  If you’re not sure how your site measures up to our list then why not order a free web presence check from us here.  It’ll give you a clear report on your site so you can move forward and start using your website to it’s full potential.
Mark Robertson